Meet Our Executive Director!

Angela Bertocchini

Hello, my name is Angela Bertocchini. My husband Tony and I are the owners of Premier Learning, Early Childhood Education Center. We have two daughters. I have truly enjoyed teaching young children and have always dreamed of owning my own center. Once I became a mom I realized now more than ever this is what I want to do. I opened Premier Learning because I want to provide a quality child care center for our children and children within the community that I can be proud of. As a parent, I understand the importance of feeling comfortable and trustworthy of others when leaving your children in the hands of another. 

My background is early childhood education and business. I have a Business Degree from Kansas State University along with multiple Early Childhood Education courses and years of Early Childhood teaching experience. 

I hope you and your child(ren) find what you are looking for here at Premier Learning!  Myself and our teachers promise to love and care for your children as if they were our own.

My Philosophy

Children enjoy exploring and learning all about the world around them.  When provided with an environment where they feel safe, loved and accepted they are able to feel at ease and enjoy learning! An effective learning environment allows children to participate in direct, hands-on experiences where they are free to make choices and discover many things on their own.
A key component to a child's learning is social skills. Through nurturing guidance, early educators are able to teach children how to appropriately socialize with other children and adults. Effective teaching also provides a child with a positive sense of self-worth. 
While our children play and effectively socialize with their peers, it is important that children are provided with plenty of age appropriate materials allowing them to enjoy and explore many different subject areas. Children want to feel in control by knowing “what will happen next." When provided with a daily plan/routine, children are able to feel competent and excited about their day.
By creating and organizing our environment that offers different interest areas, children are able to create plans, carry them out and reflect on their experiences.  When given these types of opportunities to create a plan, make choices and solve problems children create a positive sense of self-esteem.
Play allows children to move freely, use their imaginations and interact with many people and things around them; they are learning so much because they are also having fun!