Frequently Asked Questions

Searching for the right partner in childcare is a LOT of work! At Premier Learning we help to make your childcare search as seamless as possible! See the below list of frequently asked questions that will hopefully help as you seek the right solution for your child(ren).  
Q: What days is Premier Learning closed? 
A: At Premier Learning we understand the importance of having full-time care for working parents. (No one wants to take a vacation day due to a lapse in childcare!). Therefore we close on all major holidays, the day after thanksgiving, the day after Christmas and a handful of other days depending on which days major holidays fall on. 
Q: What items do I need to bring to Premier Learning? 
A: At Premier Learning we try to provide as much as possible for ease and convenience. However, we request you bring the following items: 
Infants: Formula/breast milk, any food required depending on child’s age, bottles needed for each day, 3 outfits, sleep sack, diapers, wipes, pacifier if needed, shoes if child is learning to walk.
Toddlers: Two outfits, diapers, wipes, face sunscreen stick, toothbrush, something to sleep with (if you choose).
EPK/Pre K: Two outfits, wipes, face sunscreen stick, toothbrush, something to sleep with (if you choose) and diapers/pull-ups (if needed).
Q: Are your teachers degreed/certified/trained? 
A: YES! Many of our lead teachers are degreed or working towards a degree. At Premier Learning we take our hiring very seriously. We search to find quality, loving teachers who enjoy working with children- something that can not be taught! Once we find the right teacher for an open position we train them to ensure they are ready to utilize our HighScope curriculum, follow our policies and procedures in effort to provide quality care. Our staff maintains daily open communication to guarantee seamless care between each classroom. In addition to open communication, our teachers receive annual reviews and we have frequent staff meetings to communicate important updates and staff trainings.
Q: What training does your staff participate in? 
A: Each staff member participates in 10 hours of continuing education each year. Required trainings for hire: Signs and Symptoms of Illness, Recognizing the Signs of Abuse/Neglect, Child Development, Pediatric First Aid and CPR (renewed for all every two years).
Q: My child has food allergies, can you accomodate his/her needs? 
A: Of COURSE! Today it's not uncommon for children to have food allergies or special needs and we are happy to work with each parent and individual child to meet thier needs.