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A Premier Learning teacher is a nurturer as well as an educator, someone who encourages learning through exploration, and who understands the balance between what a child needs to feel safe and what she requires to reach her potential. Your child’s teacher is your partner. At Premier Learning, families and teachers work together --celebrating successes, navigating challenges, and communicating daily about your child’s achievements and goals.

Prairie Village Location Staff

(Open Since August of 2012)


Director, Susie Smith (September, 2016)

Building Coordinator

Emma Grace (August, 2014)


Infant 1 Room

Lead Teacher: Patti (August, 2019) 

Assistant Teacher: Kendall (March, 2020)

Infant 2 Room

Lead Teacher: Pamela (November, 2020) 

Assistant Teacher: Armani (January, 2021)


Toddler I Room 

Lead Teacher: Temica (June, 2020)

Assistant Teacher: Hayley (November, 2020) 

Toddler II Room

Lead Teacher: Eriona (July, 2020)

Assistant Teacher: Kelsey (November, 2020)

Early Pre-K Room

Lead Teacher: Olivia (October, 2017) 

Assistant Teacher: Raina (November, 2020)

Pre-K Room

Co-Lead Teacher: Stacy (May, 2017) 

Assistant Teacher: Asia P. (January, 2021)


Junior Kindergarten 

Lead Teacher: Tasha (June, 2019) 

Assistant Teacher: Ragen (January, 2021)


Assistant Floater Teachers  

Kathleen M. (December, 2013) 

Tierra (October, 2016)

Christina (June, 2018)

Asia C. (September, 2019)

Suzanne (September, 2020)

Jayla (December, 2020)

Halyn (December, 2020)

Elle (January, 2021)


Substitute Teachers 

Heather R. (May, 2017)

Patsy G. (February, 2018)


Kitchen Manager 

Cathy T. (April, 2020)

Metcalf Location Staff

(Open Since May of 2016)

Director, Tracy Petersen (January, 2013)

Building Coordinator 

Adriana (August, 2012)

Enrollment Coordinator 

Joyce S. (April 2017)


Infant 1 Room

Lead Teacher: Sue B.  (May, 2016) 

Assistant Teacher: Gloria W. (May, 2016)

Infant 2 Room

Lead Teacher: Keri (August, 2019)

Assistant Teacher: Sulem (January, 2017)

Toddler 1 Room  

Lead Teacher: Sammi C.  (September, 2018)

Assistant Teacher: Mimi (February, 2020)

Toddler 2 Room

Lead Teacher: Timtasia (January, 2021)

Interim Assistant Teacher: Aylin (January, 2021)

Early Pre K Room

Lead Teacher: Valynsiea (August, 2019) 

Assistant Teacher: Destiny (September, 2020)

Pre K Room

Co-Lead Teacher: Jay (November, 2020)

Interim Assistant Teacher: Jan (February, 2019)

Junior Kindergarten

Lead Teacher: Lucy (January, 2021)

Assistant Teacher: Hannah (July, 2020)

Assistant Floater Teachers

Emily H. (August, 2012)

Jan I. (February, 2019)

Donna (October, 2020)

Gabby (October, 2020)

Briona (November, 2020)

Aylin (January, 2021)

Mary (December, 2020)

Kim (January, 2021) 

Substitute Teachers

Amy R. (October, 2016)

Karly (July, 2019)

Hanna S. (March, 2020)

Kitchen Manager 

Lynn  (October, 2019)

Updated: January, 2021

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