Premier Learning Family Testimonials

We have loved seeing our son thrive at Premier Learning! Since that first very nervewracking drop-off when he was 8-weeks old, I knew and trusted the teachers and staff would care for him like he was thier own. The skills our son had learned along with the friendships he has made have given him a solid foundation for future success. My husband and I feel so blessed to have Premier Learning as part of our family! 

— Patrick & Michaela P.


Premier Learning is a safe and clean environment with fun-loving teachers who truly care about the well-being and education of my children.  I feel at ease dropping my boys off at school knowing they will be in the hands of Premier Learning’s staff!

— Kaylie B.

Premier Learning has been a loving and nurturing environment for our girls.  It is clear from the daily reports that come home each day that the staff are deeply engaged and involved in educating our daughters.  Both of them have attended since they were infants, and they have been shown nothing but love and kindness.  We could not be happier - or feel luckier - that we found such a wonderful place for our girls! 

— Jennifer J.

Two years ago, we moved our children from another KC area daycare to Premier Learning.  Our daughter was 3 and our son had just turned 1.  Our son had been sick almost WEEKLY at our previous daycare.  We had finally had enough and started searching for a new childcare facility.  We happened upon Premier Learning by driving by and seeing the sign.  When we met Angela Bertocchini, our prayers were answered.  She has worked in the corporate world and truly understands the pressures of double-income homes and the stress that comes with working full time and taking care of children.  Cleanliness is Premier's top priority because Angela knows that when kids are sick, a parent has to take time off work (who wants to use vacation days on sick time??!).  


Manners and healthy eating are also a priority - our children say "May I be excused" when they've finished eating which they learned at Premier.  My son is MUCH better at using utensils and drinking out of a regular cup - I attribute this to Premier.  Our old daycare gave the kids 20 minutes to eat in shifts, used their hands to eat (utensils were just one more thing that had to be cleaned), and drank out of sippy cups because they couldn't spill.  Not at Premier - the children are expected to use their utensils and start drinking out of "big kid" cups as soon as possible.  


Premier is extremely focused on curriculum and the teachers find great ways to make lessons fun.  My daughter is already writing capital and lower case letters, picking out full words in books, and learning basic math.  My son was speaking in full sentences before age 2-and-a-half.  


Another bonus - if your child is in the infant room and you use formula, you don't have to pick up the bottles every night, wash them, and bring them back in.  You keep a canister of formula and two bottles at Premier, the teachers use as needed and keep the bottles clean.  Such a perk for working parents - one less thing to worry about each day!  We truly cannot say enough great things about Premier - we're so happy to have found such a loving and nurturing place for our children to spend their weekdays!!

— Kristy E.

Will has been going to Premier learning since he was a baby; He is now 3 1/2 and has been in every classroom at Premier! We have loved every room that he's been in, as well as the teachers. It's a great learning and play environment, and Will loves his teachers and friends that he has made over the years. We will be sad to leave in 2 years when he is off to Kindergarten!

— Laura E.